About Us


Hello. My name is Gerson Díaz. I am a licensed chiropractor and have been working in and serving the community of Cutler Bay since 1994. I grew up in Cutler Bay—where I attended Bel-Aire Elementary, Caribbean Elementary, Cutler Ridge Junior High School, and Miami Southridge Senior High School— so coming back home was a no brainer. I have been helping people live pain-free since then, my greatest source of pride.

Early in 2000, I decided to set up my own practice, The Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center, and its ensuing website—www.misterspine.com. I have been happily and successfully at its helm since then.

I specialize in releasing patients from the yoke of everyday pain by removing nerve interference in the form of vertebral subluxations. This, in turn, leads to optimal body function and a life happily and healthily lived on daily basis, free of pain. 

In my practice, I see patients at birth, after induced deliveries. Babies do tend to get easily subluxated, so it is my job to help them get rid of this ailment. I also adjust toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, parents and geriatric patients… so I cover all bases. Truly, any age can benefit from a well aligned spine for optimum body function.

I don’t see chiro-practiceas a treatment, but as a way of life. Regular chiropractic care makes peoplehealthier. When you feel healthy, you live and function betterand, as a result, you are a better spouse, parent, sibling, child, student, athlete, person, etc.

On a more personal note, I am married to my lovely wife Claudia. We both have a daughter, Diana. As a highly skilled and experienced chiropractor,I promote a healthy and drug-free life.

Below are my training and professional credentials.

Education& Training
Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic Degree 1993
Florida State University, B.S. in Biological Science, 1989

Professional Associations & Memberships
Florida State Board of Chiropractic
Southern Chiropractic Association
Dade County Chiropractic Society
Florida Chiropractic Society