The Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center is here to help you and your family. We believe that God has created the human body to heal itself from most of the diseases that we come in contact with during our lives.

First-Time Patients

***When booking an appointment, please fill out, print, and bring the intake form with you***

First Visit Overview

At the Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center, we believe health is at the very core of this self-reliance. It allows us to go about our everyday to-do’s and our life with intent and purpose. Without health, little else seems to matter. It is important to note that the first initial exam helps us scientifically understand the subluxation processes going on in your spine, accurately measure your progress, and determine what adjustments you need and the frequency of care. Thus, for your benefit, Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center features top-notch chiropractic equipment as well as the most advanced analytical and adjustive procedures available. You’re worth it!

***When booking an appointment, please fill out, print, and bring the intake form with you*** – That is why the motto of Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center is: ‘The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body’

Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center specializes in chiropractic procedures to remove vertebral subluxations. A subluxation is a misaligned spinal vertebra that presses on a nerve, decreasing body function. It may lead to ailments and disease due to a number of stress factors, namely, physical, emotional and/or chemical. Correcting your spine releases blocked nervesand lets your body heal itself organically, with no need for drugs or surgery. So, what can you expect on your first visit to Cutler Ridge Family Chiropractic Center with Doctor Gerson Diaz?

Once the intake is done, the doctor performs a thorough spinal and nervous system exam through palpation—checking the spine by hand. He is checking for subluxation issues such as spinal position, curvatures and muscle tone.

Chiropractic Testimonials

The spinal and nervous system exam normally involves specialized equipment to perform a thermograph, which is a process that reads spinal heat differences. Heat is a byproduct of circulation. This gives us a clear picture of the presence of subluxations and how they may be affecting your nervous system. Likewise, we may scan the surface of your spine to evaluate and measure surface electrical impulses and the effect they may be having on your muscles.

Finally, we may decide to X-ray your spine depending on your age and status. Pregnancy, most children, and having recent usable spinal x-rays are the main, but not the only, reasons to opt-out of performing x-rays. They give us extremely valuable information concerning spinal bone position, the quality of your spine,adjustment safety, relative length of time of subluxation presence. Commonly, most patients receive up to three spinal x-rays at the beginning of care.

Current Patients

After the initial visit, you are scheduled for your Report of Findings within a few days. We cover the X-ray results in detail and implement the most appropriate care plan for best and speediest improvement. This is your most important visit and may take up to one hour.